About us

Confidenceal – that's where ink hits the fan, where your wild spirit gets a voice.

Our boss man, a dope tattoo artist with an outlaw's heart, saw tattoos as something more. For him, every tat was a shout-out to the world, showing off who you are, a reminder of the bumpy roads traveled. But, he knew, not everyone’s down for getting pricked, even though they totally dig the vibe of wearing their soul on their skin.

So, boom, Confidenceal came to life.

Born on a night filled with lightning and loud tunes, Confidenceal is more than just a brand – it’s a freaking revolution! We're here shaking things up, giving a nod to the wild, and throwing a big party for being yourself. We aim to smash the gap between the cool, badass world of tattoos and those who are just not ready to go all the way...yet.

Our gig? Kickass tattoo stickers, born out of the boss’s wild spirit and creative magic. These babies are not just some random drawings on your skin, but a rad way to say ‘This is me!’ No pain, no fuss, just pure, interchangeable expressions of who you are.

And let's not forget, Confidenceal is all about – you guessed it – confidence! Confidence in strutting your stuff, in painting outside the lines, and most importantly, confidence in embracing the wild within. Our brand is all about you doing you, preaching the word that everyone’s a canvas, ready to show off their true colors.

So, come on over to Confidenceal – where we’re breaking the rules, where your skin is the stage. Remember, life's too short for bland skin. Show off your spirit, ink your dreams, and let the world be your catwalk.