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Enchantress of the Capricorn

Enchantress of the Capricorn

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In ancient mythology, there was a witch named Selene, the guardian of the goat's horns, a symbol of strength and wisdom. Selene bore a pair of goat's horns, her signature and the source of her power.

Selene's story begins in an ancient kingdom, where she was born under the sign of Capricorn. The goat's horns she wore were not just a symbol of her zodiac sign, but also a representation of her unyielding spirit and relentless pursuit of knowledge.

The "Capricorn Enchantress" tattoo sticker is inspired by Selene's story. It is a tribute to all the strong, wise, and resilient individuals out there who are constantly pushing boundaries and striving for their goals, just like Selene. The goat's horns in the design symbolize strength, wisdom, and the determination to overcome any obstacles.

By wearing this tattoo, you are embracing the spirit of Selene, the Capricorn Enchantress, and her relentless pursuit of knowledge and power. It serves as a reminder of your own strength and the wisdom you have gained from your experiences. And just like the tattoo, which fades away without leaving any residues, it reminds us that nothing is permanent, and change is a part of life.

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Natural herbal tattoo sticker

The confidential herbal tattoo sticker, primarily made from the rubiaceae plant gardenia, reacts organically with skin keratoprotein, turning the skin blue and then bluish-black as the color intensifies. The color is retained on the skin's stratum corneum, part of the epidermis, which also includes the basal membrane and basal lamina. As aged keratinocytes are shed in a typical 2-4 week metabolic cycle, the tattoo color fades without leaving residues or causing side effects.

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Using your tattoo stickers

  1. Clean your skin and apply the sticker, design out, adhesive to skin. Press gently for full adhesion. Remove the film.
  2. Re-press the sticker to ensure full bonding.
  3. Soak the sticker with water or a damp cloth, press gently for 15 seconds.
  4. Peel the sticker off, leaving a shadow layer. Avoid water for 2 hours for longer-lasting design.
  5. Wait 4-5 hours for the tattoo to start appearing, and 24-48 hours for the final effect. Moist skin will show the design quicker, you may mist the area or apply a bit of lotion after 2 hours. Enjoy your tattoo for 10-15 days!

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